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Looking to quickly move into your new home? Click here to explore our quick possession homes! 

Unsure about your buying power? Use Verified and get your estimated buying power in less than 5 minutes! Click here to learn more about our new Verified tool.

Calbridge is Excited to Launch Verified!

We are always looking for ways to simplify our sales process and make it easier for you to get into your dream home, and with Verified, we do just that! 

We've partnered with Ownly to launch Verified and make your buying journey feel like a breeze! While removing all the stress that comes with buying a new home. 

It just takes a few minutes to get Verified! What's in it for you? There are so many benefits to using Verified:

Learn your estimated buying power! Using information such as income and your current home's value, you will get an estimated range of what's within your budget. 

Paperless! We are now able to take you through the entire sales process virtually without the need for printing or signing in person. 

Added security! The Ownly app will be your buying hub where you can upload documents, sign, and review information. That way, you won't need to send documents over email where they might get lost.

Simplify our purchase process! Once verified, our sales team will have all the necessary information to move you through the initial buying journey and get you into your new dream home.

And for a limited time, earn rewards with Air Miles for going through the Verified process! You can earn 500 Air Miles for reserving a home online or getting verified.

Want to find out your buying power? Visit the find your home or quick possession pages and click on link!

To learn more about Verified click here or speak to your sales representative.

Ready to move into your next dream home? Click here to explore our available quick possession homes!